frequently asked questions

Q. Is this an aerial tour?
A. No. This is a hands-on lesson with an FAA-Certified Flight Instructor. We teach you the basics of weight-shift flying starting with runway markings, taking off and climbing out to a heading, flying straight and level, turning and steering the aircraft, basic pilotage, and VFR navigation. You then get to take the controls and steer the aircraft yourself. If, however, you prefer not to do the flying, you don't have to. Every person is different and every person learns differently. We want you to come away from your flight with an experience of a lifetime and an appreciation for the fun and ease of flying a trike.  

Q. How do we make reservations?
A. Please call 541 280 4561 to set up a time for your lesson. Our reservations line is available from 7 am PST to 7 pm PST. Reservations are required.

Q. Where do we meet?
A. We meet at the Bend, Or. Municiple Airport by Leading Edge helicopters. Please arrive 30 minutes before your flight time.

Q. Can I just enter Bend Airport in my electronic location device?
A. Yes, it will direct you to the Bend Airport 

Q. What do I wear?
A. Weather depending call the day prior to access. You will be provided a flight suit, gloves and protective helmet. Closed-toe shoes and socks are recommended for warmth. Please no flip flops. Customers who book the early lesson may want to bring a sweatshirt.

Q. Are there any age limits?
A. Children must be at least 4'6" tall and 13 years old. We have no upper limits on height or age -- we have had 94 year olds annd youngster who all loved it!

Q. What about a weight limit?
A. We can carry most passengers weighing up to 245 lbs. If you weigh between 220 lbs. and 245 lbs. please let us know when you make your reservation.

Q. Will I be able to communicate with my instructor?
A. Yes, you'll be equipped with a noise-cancelling headset to wear during the flight. The instructors also have two-way aviation radios to communicate between the aircraft, other aircraft and airport personnel.

Q. If bad weather causes our flight to be cancelled do we lose our money?
A. Absolutely not. We only charge your credit card after your lesson. Pilots make the determination on weather conditions as they are the experts on its affect on flying. Cancellations made by you, with less than 48 hours notice are subject to full charge. Also, be aware that if we experience a short weather delay anytime during our daily schedule, it can delay your lesson time.

Q. Is my lesson flight time that can be logged?
A. Absolutely. You will receive a signed Flight Certificate after your lesson to allow you to credit your total flight time toward a pilots certificate if you decide to continue your flight training. If you are already a licensed pilot, your flight time can be entered into your pilot's log book. We have log books available for purchase.

Q. How safe is it?
A. AirBorneOutBackAdventures/ uses the latest state-of-the-art aircraft equipped with the finest available parts and maintance .

Q. What if the engine fails?
A. Each trike is powered by a four-stroke Rotax aircraft engine that is extremely reliable. Engine failures are very rare. In the case of engine failure, we are essentially flying a glider that has a 10-to-1 glide ratio. This means that at 2000 feet in zero wind we can glide 20,000 feet forward.  

Q. What if I am prone to motion sickness?
A. The open cockpit of our aircraft is less likely to cause nausea than other enclosed aircraft. Motion sickness medication could be taken the night before if you are prone to it.

Q. What if I am afraid of heights?
A. We commonly hear this. We have found that after a few minutes in the air, that fear disappears due to the stability of the aircraft. Out of 20,000 students, only three have wanted to go back and land.

Q. Can I bring cameras or water bottles?
A. No, loose articles in a high-speed open aircraft can be a big safety hazard with a spinning propellor behind us. We have found that trying to be a photographer while taking your introductory lesson takes away from the experience. We offer photo packages to document your lesson. See our photo_gallery and videos

Q. Do you offer advanced training for those continuing their aviation education?
A. We offer training all the way through to solo sport pilot. We are the only company in Oregon with an FAA Sport Pilot Flight Instructor "wieght shift control"  WSC on staff. Airtime in our aircraft is charged at a rate of $145.00 per hour. Airtime in your aircraft is chargedat a rate of $50 per hour. Ground school time is $35 per hour. Package lessons are also available.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?
A. You may change or cancel your reservation with no charge if you notify us at least 48 hours before your scheduled flight. If you cancel your flight within the 48-hour window,  for the full amount of the flight(s) booked if we do not fill your timeslots. If you reschedule your flights to a different day within the 48-hour window, an $80 late-change fee for each flight booked is charged if we do not fill your slots. .

Q. What's the difference between what AirBorneOutbackAdventures/SportPilotTraingCenter  offers and what a helicopter/airplane or balloon tour offers?
A. They are two completely different experiences -- one is a partcipatory lesson and the other is passive sightseeing. A trike lesson is a one-on-one flying experience equated with being in a high-performance motorcycle with wings. You will actually learn how to fly the trike. A helicopter/aiplane or balloon  ride is passive experience with a group of people -- akin to riding in a mini-van -- where you cannot take over the controls (this tends to make the other customers nervous). If you can afford to do both, we recommend it. Of course, if you can only afford one, we recommend you fly with us!